Best Sports Nutrition in Ukraine at

Sports nutrition plays a significant role in health by promoting muscle growth. Protein is one of the key components of a balanced diet that contributes to muscle development. The carbohydrate-protein complex combines protein and carbohydrates to enhance muscle mass and provide energy for physical exercise. Creatine, a natural substance, aids in increasing strength and accelerating recovery processes after workouts. Amino […]

Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios and attention! Play with VR. Earn * £5* and win a * £50* Amazon card in a prize draw!

DescriptionYou will play 2 strategy games in VR. We will capture eye movements using an eye tracker attached to the VR headset and brain activity using an EEG attached to the VR headset (no gel is needed). Eligibility Requirements:-20-40 years-Typical vision or corrected with lenses (no glasses)-Typical hearing-Makeup has to be removed before placing the headset and conducting the study. […]

Careers Q&A – 5: HR/Marketing internships for 1st Year

Q: Are there any HR/marketing internships or insight weeks available to first-year students? It seems most are dedicated to second and third years. A: It is true that there are limited internship opportunities open for 1st year, however, some banking, finance, and consultancy firm do have internships open specifically for the first years! They are called spring/insight weeks. To see […]

Careers Q&A – 4: Behavioural science consultancy internships

Q: quite interested in behavioural science consultancy but really struggled to find an internship/experience during undergrad to tailor to that interest. Confused with what counts as “relevant work experience”. Any suggestions? A: Since you have a very specific field of interest, I’d suggest you use the UCL career’s short guidance appointment – they provide a lot of insider websites for […]