After four weeks in uni…How do you feel about Accessibility at UCL?

This week’s diversity topic: After four weeks in uni…How do you feel about Accessibility at UCL🤔?

First thing first, big thank you to everyone who have completed the questionnaire and responded to the last post! Your opinions help us to construct a better UCL.

Now that you have survived your first month in uni (congratulations!), we would like to ask you how you feel about accessibility at UCL.

Accessibility at UCL includes aspects such as Accessibility of the digital environment (e.g. Is Moodle convenient enough for you to find the resource you need?) , Disability support for students, Accessibility of the UCL campus (e.g. Do you find it easy to find a quite place to read your lecture notes?), and more.

We are curious on whether UCL is really doing a good job in ‘making all aspects of university life accessible’, therefore we would like to hear fresh and most honest opinions from you.

Comment below on what you like and/or dislike about Accessibility at UCL, and maybe rate it out of 10!

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16 thoughts on “After four weeks in uni…How do you feel about Accessibility at UCL?

    • Admin Audrey

      I really like UCL desktop that allows me to save my work on the library’s desktop and then continue working on my own laptop when I got home! However Moodle is a terrible platform, literally took me 3 years to know where to find all the resources… overall I will give it an 8.5/10!

    • silverwolf7850

      I’m honestly still struggling with moodle and still have some difficulty finding certain things. It doesn’t help that moodle crashes quite often (especially when I need it the most!). Currently, I haven’t really been to main campus as none of my in person sessions are there. But I hope to explore around campus a bit more when I have the time. I’m still quite unused to some things, but I think it’ll get better as time passes. So far, I give accessibility at UCL a 7/10 but this is basically due to me not being motivated to explore around.

      • Author gravatar

        I feel the same about Moodle, it’s very confusing to navigate. But I do like how the information is laid out in each module for my course; the checklist format is very clear and helps me to see what I have and haven’t done. I think main campus is a little tricky for me to navigate as of now because my course isn’t based there, but like the person above I think it’s just a matter of me exploring it more!

    • Author gravatar

      I like the fact that it is very easy to find a place to study or chill out on the main campus (although I sometimes get lost and cannot find my way). The online library and database are very helpful to find resources. However, I do sometimes get frustrated with Moodle, especially when it crashes when I have to look for things… Overall, at this moment, I will give an 8/10!

    • mimihkg

      Although Moodle was definitely an adjustment, I feel like I’ve gotten used to it but it’s still not my favourite platform for planning my work. I don’t like how I can’t see all of my assignments on a calendar with their due dates which would be a really nice way to plan the work.

      When it comes to real-life platforms, I’ve been mostly happy with the ease of finding somewhere to work. Just today I had lovely group work time in the student centre to work on a presentation. However, other times I have booked an individual study seat to see that there is someone still there or someone sitting in the wrong seat. I understand that all students are stressed out so I often don’t have it in my heart to tell them to move so I find somewhere else to study.

      As I am not a disabled student I cannot comment on the effectiveness of those resources.

    • Author gravatar

      Each week is getting more organised and I’m more used to the online lectures and how Moodle system works. I didn’t really go at campus that much, but I find that study spaces at student centre are not always available though. In general, I would give a rating around 8.5 / 10!

    • zcjtoon

      Moodle is easy to access but requires a lot of organisation from a student point of view. You have to keep checking each module separately to make sure you are on top of everything. It also seems to crash often, which isn’t the best.

    • airfryer

      Moodle was indeed a difficult system (especially with the ticking boxes) but I do understand that it’ll make life easier for the teaching staff to monitor students’ work, would be better if it doesn’t crash so often.
      In terms of real life, I agree that there are lots of lovely study spaces around campus so it’s easy for me to find a vacant place.
      However I do wish if finding a place to eat was easier because till this day I still don’t know where I can find a place that serves hot food (with indoor tables and seats) except for the refectory. Or perhaps the refectory IS the only place like that, I don’t know.
      I kinda wish like there is a platform (on student union website) that display all the food providers and their details (like seats, menu, location, pictures etc), but lets save this for another day…

    • duck

      I think UCL has a good amount of spaces for students to work and study which are fairly easy to book online however I keep on getting lost everywhere so it would be good if there were instructions or maps explaining how to get to certain rooms, or maybe that’s just me haha! In terms of Moodle, I wish it crashed a little less often and I wish it had some sort of calendar with all of our assignments and when they are due because that would be useful. But overall the accessibility at UCL is reasonably good.

    • Author gravatar

      UCL library resources are in great amount and I can nearly find all the books I want to read. But some books are not paper version, so it is a little unfriendly to people who used to reading books in hand. Also, about the Moodle, I hope it can crash less frequently!

    • moo28

      moodle was difficult at first to get used to but now that i am used to it, even though it crashes quite often, i find it a good platform. a calendar on moodle like others suggested would be helpful. i would say accessibility at ucl is good, however, i am not a disabled student so i can’t be sure. overall – 8/10

    • cyj

      Moodle is relatively helpful, however it does crash quite often which can be quite annoying. I find it easy to use otherwise. I think that accessibility is good and the library resources are especially very helpful.

    • zcjt667

      I find Moodle easy to access and like how we can check off each activity as we go through. It makes me feel more organised and productive to have everything laid out in one place. It has crashed a few times in the middle of weekdays which can be quite frustrating. Overall a 9/10

    • Author gravatar

      Moodle looks clear for me but it did take me sometime to work out how to use it more efficiently. However, I find it hard to get a quiet place to study in UCL. I have to book a place for quiet study room three days in advance but sometimes I just wan to go there and read or study so sadly I can only work from home.

    • purple

      I’d rate it a 7/10. Moodle took some getting used to but once you understand it it can be really useful to see all your work. Sometimes things can be difficult to find, for example it doesn’t notify you when teachers upload new content so I’ll only discover some new resources a while after they’ve been uploaded. However, I do think the use of Mentimeter by lecturers has been a fun way of feeling like you’re part of online lessons. Main campus has more than enough available working spaces although I’m not always completely sure which ones need booking and which ones don’t. The study spaces I have visited have been really good (nice and quiet).

    • Author gravatar

      I actually liked the moodle system as it allows me to stay organized quite easily, but I’m not sure how the society thing works — like even after I buy a membership, nothing really happened for some societies, which is quite confusing

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