Careers Q&A – 1: HR or HR consulting internships

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Careers Q&A

Q: Are there any available internships at the moment for those interested in following a career in HR or HR Consulting?

A: Yes. You can look into spring insights weeks and summer internships released by consulting firms. What the firms do is that they usually will not specify the roles on their schemes, but once you entered their programs, you can get to choose the area you want to specify in (e.g., HR). OR, you could do your own research on the smaller consulting firms that specifically provide HR consultancy, they are usually called management consultancy/human capital management etc.. Finally  there are  2 things to take note of if you want to try the spring weeks and summer internships: 1. the applications are open NOW and closes early next year. 2. most spring weeks are open ONLY to first year students!

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