Careers Q&A – 5: HR/Marketing internships for 1st Year

Q: Are there any HR/marketing internships or insight weeks available to first-year students? It seems most are dedicated to second and third years.

A: It is true that there are limited internship opportunities open for 1st year, however, some banking, finance, and consultancy firm do have internships open specifically for the first years! They are called spring/insight weeks. To see a detailed description, see my first Career Q&A post! Some spring weeks do have HR/marketing positions open. 

Furthermore, always utilize UCL careers short guidance to let them tell you what jobs you can apply! They *really* know things :P. There are also all types of career events held by UCL careers that will introduce you to more companies that have these positions available. What I learned from my job hunt is that when you can’t find a certain opportunity, it is because you don’t know enough companies