Careers Q&A – 4: Behavioural science consultancy internships

Q: quite interested in behavioural science consultancy but really struggled to find an internship/experience during undergrad to tailor to that interest. Confused with what counts as “relevant work experience”. Any suggestions?

A: Since you have a very specific field of interest, I’d suggest you use the UCL career’s short guidance appointment – they provide a lot of insider websites for job opportunities. 

One of the websites they recommend is Prospects, where you can find shortlisted internship opportunities for your interested career. I found this page related to behavioural science consultancy:

From my own experience, I’ve seen peers who are also interested in this field doing research projects to enrich their CVs. For example, you can work as a research assistant for some PhD project, or volunteer in behavioural science consultancy companies to help them conduct research – these are all very valuable experiences!