Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios and attention! Play with VR. Earn * £5* and win a * £50* Amazon card in a prize draw!

You will play 2 strategy games in VR. We will capture eye movements using an eye tracker attached to the VR headset and brain activity using an EEG attached to the VR headset (no gel is needed).

Eligibility Requirements:
-20-40 years
-Typical vision or corrected with lenses (no glasses)
-Typical hearing
-Makeup has to be removed before placing the headset and conducting the study.

To participate you must be either:
-Healthy adult/non-diagnosed with any disorder.
-Adults diagnosed with ADHD.
-Adults diagnosed with Stuttering.

You will be compensated with £5 and you will have a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher card in a prize draw.

30 minutes

UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, 26 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AP.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Fjorda Kazazi, University College London

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