Let’s talk about lab reports…no shame!

This week’s diversity topic: Let’s talk about lab reports…no shame!😎 Housekeeping first: as you might have already noticed in the email, currently the recruitment for the part 1 SONA experiment has terminated. However, everyone who has engaged in the Diversity Forum (it’s you who are reading the post right now!) will have a chance to attend the 2nd and 3rd […]

After four weeks in uni…How do you feel about Accessibility at UCL?

This week’s diversity topic: After four weeks in uni…How do you feel about Accessibility at UCL🤔? First thing first, big thank you to everyone who have completed the questionnaire and responded to the last post! Your opinions help us to construct a better UCL. Now that you have survived your first month in uni (congratulations!), we would like to ask […]

Now that you have completed the questionnaire – Welcome to the Diversity Forum!

Hello my first year fellows. Welcome to the UCL Diversity Forum! Don’t get too excited yet – please make sure you complete the following questionnaire:https://uclpsychology.sona-systems.com/exp_info_participant.aspx?experiment_id=9681 Okay, those of you who have done the questionnaire, let’s get started. As you might have noticed by now, this chat page is has been putting into use since 2019 (when I was a first-year!). […]